Branding Videos

Branding videos are a perfect way to introduce and promote your company’s story, ethos, goals, vision for the future, employees and products in an exciting and innovative way. By using the medium of video your company will be brought to life, creating an emotional connection and engaging with your customers and future customers making sure you stand out from your competition.



Web Videos

With the explosion of the internet and social media, online video has become the key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. Branded video content reaches nearly half of all internet users in the UK. More than half of these users then go on to click through to the brand’s website. By having a video on your home page you are 53 times more likely to get a Page One listing on Google,meaning more traffic to your website and more customers for you.


Web videos are the quickest and most cost effective method of getting your message across to a huge amount of people, getting them excited about your company. This can be done in various ways; perhaps a short Web Commercial or a Viral Video for use on Social Media or an Introduction Video that plays as soon as someone arrives on your site. The options are endless.



Live Event Coverage

Is your company hosting an event? Whether it is a company retreat, conference or fun day; we can create a memorable video highlights package of your event to document it for prosperity or to share it to increase brand awareness. We will capture the memories and emotions experienced, attendees can relive the event and share it with friends and family increasing footfall to your website. You can also publish it across all your platforms as an excellent advertising tool for next year’s event thus also increasing traffic to your site.



Instructional Videos

Do you get bombarded by customers getting in touch asking how use aspects of your product? Then by creating a short instruction video answering the frequently asked questions and by conveying information precisely to customers, your service calls will be reduced. This increases the amount of time you have to give to other aspects of your business and increases your productivity.



Educational & Training Videos

If you spend large amounts of time on Staff orientation and training or if you supply a service that requires reinforcing or following up at home, then Educational & Training Videos are for you. Whether you’re teaching staff how to use new equipment or taking new staff through health and safety procedures or a golf instructor reminding clients about the drills you have taught them, videos bring the learning to life. Instead of wading through big manuals or referencing diagrams, Educational & Training Videos are exciting and engaging making the information easier to understand and retain.



Testimonial Videos

I am sure you could talk passionately about your company for hours but sometimes it’s best to let your customers do the talking. We can ask your customers to tell their stories about how you and your products were able to help them; by saving them time, solving their problems and perhaps even saving them money. Prospective customers can then relate and compare their situations, visualising how you can make things better for them.



Product Video

If you want the best way to showcase your product and services then consider creating a product video. Product videos will ensure your product and services stand out from the crowd ensuring your customers are left in no doubt that your products are the best they can get. These videos are intended to excite customers and make your viewing audience fall in love with your products.




A good showreel can inspire and captivate your customers through showcasing the best visuals from your company. A short video, packed full of well planned images for use at trade shows, on social media or websites, will ensure your prospective customers will want to find out more about you, increasing your internet traffic and leading to an increase in business.




By using a well planned 30 to 60 second commercial there is a real opportunity to capture your brand and highlight your product leaving your customers wanting more with a call to action. Commercials are ideal for TV Broadcasts, Digital Billboards, Social Media Platforms and Websites.



Aerial Video & Photography

Aerial video and photography is a great way to provide greater visual impact to videos and print media. By using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles we will be able to provide unique view points and perspectives and memorable visuals at an extremely affordable cost.




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